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Re-Visioning the Classroom at Algonquin: Share Your Thoughts

March 20, 2019
Be a Part of a Re-Visioning of Classroom Design at Algonquin

At Algonquin College, our focus on creating learner-driven, personalized learning experiences corresponds with a teaching approach that embraces active learning.

Our vision is to support active learning practices across all classroom types at Algonquin.

The goal of the Active Learning Classroom Strategy initiative is to incrementally evolve our formal learning spaces and offer classroom types that support various kinds of active learning activities – from interactive lecture to collaborative group interaction.

Interested in Joining a Class Visit and/or Focus Group

Learning and Teaching Services is organizing small-group class visits and focus groups to gather feedback from faculty and students about the design of current and future classrooms at Algonquin.

What Is Involved With Class Visit/Focus Group Participation?

  • 15 minute classroom visit with a short evaluation form (Form will be adapted from Educause’s Learning Spaces Rating System)
  • 1 hour debrief/focus group session

Light refreshments will be provided for the focus groups.

Students will be eligible to win a $50 Connections Store gift certificate.

How Will the Feedback Be Used?

Feedback collected from faculty and students will support finalization of drafted Active Learning Classroom Design Principles and the development of the College’s Active Learning Classroom Strategy.

When Will Class Visits/Focus Groups Be Held?

They will begin the week of March 18 and will run into April.

Can I Do This in Pembroke and Perth?

We will be reaching out to representatives at the Pembroke and Perth campuses in order to organize these or similar activities.

How Do I Sign Up?

Complete this sign up form.

For more information, please contact Louisa Lambregts in Learning and Teaching Services at