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Celebrating Cooperative Education at Algonquin College

March 20, 2019

National Co-op Week is the perfect time to celebrate the impact and benefits of cooperative education.

On Thursday, March 21, Algonquin College will mark its 2nd annual Co-op Awards of Excellence, which honour the extraordinary accomplishments and contributions of our co-op employers and students.

There are many benefits to both students and employers involved with the AC Cooperative Education program. Did you know that within the fist two years of graduating, co-op graduates can earn $2,000 – $8,000 more than graduates without a co-op experience?

Algonquin College faculty play a key role in the operations, learning and success of our co-op students. There are a few areas where faculty take a leadership role in the co-op program as detailed below:

  • Determining Eligibility for Co-op
  • Approving Co-op Applications
  • Changing a Co-op Student’s Program Progression
  • Marking Work-term Assignments
  • Submitting Grades Assisting with Student and Employer Engagement (when needed)

Please view the Faculty Handbook more detailed information on faculty roles and responsibilities, and more.

Algonquin College staff can submit leads on co-op employers right through our website. We’ll need a name, some contact information, and a few details about the organization. Our co-op consultant Mark Weir will get in touch with you before connecting with the person who you suggested. Visit our form today to help a student out: 

Here are some testimonials from students and employers who are part of the co-op program. Learn how the Algonquin College co-op program has benefited them and their careers.

“If I didn’t have co-op, I would be prepared, but I wouldn’t be ahead. If I graduate and have two years experience, I will guarantee the position I applied for more than anyone who graduated without experience.”

  •  Moohammed Ameen Aldhaheri, Computer Engineering Technology student, and winner of the 2018 Co-op Student Achievement Award. Moohammed completed his co-op work-term with the Department of National Defence, a 2018 Co-Op Awards of Excellence winner for Outstanding Contribution to Algonquin College Cooperative Education.

“You have the opportunity to leverage decades of experience from different employees. You get the experience you need for the workplace.”

“I would definitely encourage people to sign up for co-op. I was able to not only apply a lot of the knowledge that I’ve learned in school, but there’s a lot that they will teach you in the workplace that you’ll be able to apply when you do get a job.”

  • Valerie May, Business Intelligence System Infrastructure graduate.

“We hire from the building or civil specific programs. We have found time and time again – every student that we bring on board has the motivation to grow their career with EllisDon. I’ve worked closely with the co-op office for getting students on board. They give us really great options for students who are available.”

  • Fiona Dowsing, Coordinator People & Culture at EllisDon, a 2018 Co-Op Awards of Excellence winner for Outstanding Contribution to Algonquin College Cooperative Education.

“We find that the student base at Algonquin, they don’t just have the technical skills, they are already professional.”

“[The co-op program at Algonquin] has been so beneficial to us.” “[The students] learn so quickly, and they’ve contributed so much. It just makes sense.”

  • Tamara Grbo, Software Developer at Titus, a 2018 Co-Op Awards of Excellence winner for Outstanding Contribution to Algonquin College Cooperative Education.

To learn more about Cooperative Education at Algonquin College, visit  Learn more about past winners of the Co-Op Awards here. Visit our new Cooperative Education space in C226.