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In the News: Old Man Dan makes the Daily Mail

March 20, 2019

British newspaper the Daily Mail has added their voice to the continued international media coverage of Algonquin College basketball player Dan Stoddard. Read the article here accompanied by the headline: 'People think it's a big show, I'm going to try to defy that': Meet the 40-year-old former bus driver who plays college basketball and dreams of making the NBA after he graduates

The Daily Mail summarizes Stoddard's unique story at the top of their feature:

  • Dan Stoddard joined Algonquin College in Ottawa as a freshman last year after he was invited to try out for the basketball team by the head coach 
  • He made the team and would fit 5am gym training sessions, practice, games, and accounting classes with his 12-hour bus shifts 
  • The father-of-two has lost 150 pounds and trains every day with the hopes of joining the big leagues after he graduates at the age of 42 
  • Stoddard said opposing teams and coaches used to laugh at him, but now everyone has seen his dedication and drive 
  • And although he has suffered a number of injuries, Stoddard said he will continue to work as hard as he can to see how far his skill can go