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R3 Project New Term Tuesday: Student Information System

October 4, 2022

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Student Information System 
A Student Information System (SIS) is an application used to manage student data. The data includes, but is not limited to: student academic record, contact information, course schedules, billing and student awards. 

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Our new student information system brings with it new terms that we need to learn. Learning them now means you are putting in place building blocks for the formal training on new business processes and the Thesis SM tool that you will have before we launch the new system. We encourage you to review the terms on the R3 site and consider how they relate to the terms you use now and how they differ. As you begin to understand the concepts they represent, you will also begin to understand how the work you do will change. Watching the demos shared at our R3 Showcase (formerly Speak Up!) sessions will also help you translate the terms into how you will work in the future.