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Add your thoughts to the conversation on managers and inclusion

October 4, 2022
With 101 thoughts shared and over 1,700 ratings, we’re off to a great start in having this week’s important conversation about the role of managers in creating an environment of belonging in the College’s workplaces. We are asking all employees What are the most impactful, specific actions your direct manager at the College can take to create a workplace strongly characterized by equity, diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging? and your conversation so far is telling us that:

Be aware of issues among staff, and take complaints seriously. Be willing to have challenging conversations with employees, to understand their experiences with EDI. Support increased diversity at the senior management level. There is zero funding for people to take off campus development of these topics. A lack of departmental funding means lack of value by the manager.”

Do you agree, disagree, or want the College to consider a different view? You can still join in, share your ideas, and rate those of others. Click the link below to be taken to the exchange and add your voice to the conversation before we close on Friday at noon.  

Link to Access ThoughtExchange