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Employee reminder: Sensitive Data

April 28, 2016

It is very important that all College staff protect sensitive data at all times in accordance with Directive IT05 (Information Sensitivity and Security).

Employees are reminded to:

• Take a moment to review IT05 to understand your security responsibilities.

• Use your network “N” drive to store your data. Doing so provides adequate protection as well as maintains proper backups. If you require additional N drive space, please contact the ITS Service Desk;

• Not use unapproved cloud-based storage services such as Google Docs or Dropbox to store sensitive data, which can lead to data compromise and loss of corporate data;

• Purchase full disk encryption laptops when making new College laptop purchases (ITS can help advise);

• Use encryption on devices that hold sensitive data.If you must use a USB drive, approved, secure, encrypting USB drives are stocked and available for purchase at the AC Connections store. Under no circumstances may Personal Health Information (PHI) be stored on portable data storage devices;

• Drop off your old and unwanted media (usb drives, hard drives, CDs, etc.) to Information Security, ITS, Room C316 where they will be securely destroyed in an eco-friendly manner. Unwanted home hard disks are welcome;

• Use the free Front door software on all of your work/home computers and mobile devices, to help recover your device should it be lost or stolen.;

• If your briefcase contains student papers or other sensitive information, do not leave visible in a vehicle or other insecure spaces.

By all staff being aware of and following everyday good security practices, we can collectively keep student, staff and other sensitive data safe.

If you have any questions about how to protect sensitive information, please contact Craig Delmage, Senior Manager, Information Security and Data Privacy, ITS.

Information Security is everybody’s business.