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Course Adoption Deadlines Fall 2017

April 18, 2017
There has been some confusion around course adoption deadlines.   There have not been any changes to the established deadlines.  As per policy AD04, these deadlines remain unchanged. 

Here are the adoption deadlines for the upcoming year:
Fall term (September start) deadline: Print: May 31st; eText: May 15th
Winter term (January start) deadline: Print: October 15th; eText: September 15th
Spring term (May start) deadline: Print: March 15th; eText: February 15th

More detailed information about the Course Adoption process can be found online by clicking here.
All Program Support Officers (PSOs) and department designates responsible for Course Adoptions are asked to enter all adoptions into the Bookware On-Line Adoption System, which you can access here:

Please use your college credentials to sign into the site.

Thank you all for your attention to this necessary deadline and to the success of all Algonquin College students.

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