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Algonquin College students and grads give the College a strong 2016 report card

April 19, 2017
Algonquin College is number one for graduate satisfaction among large Ontario colleges! Recently released Key Performance Indicator (KPI) survey data showed exactly 80 percent of Algonquin College graduates are very satisfied/satisfied with their college experience, while just 7.9 percent are dissatisfied. 

"On behalf of the College, I want to thank Algonquin College students and alumni for our strong report card, which once again ranks us above average for a college of our size," said Cheryl Jensen, President, Algonquin College. "This strong graduate satisfaction result comes as no surprise to us, as our College has performed very well in student satisfaction for the past seven years. I want to congratulate our peers at Fanshawe College, who edged out our title as the top large Ontario college for student satisfaction this year with 77.7 per cent (to Algonquin's 77.4)."

All Ontario public sector colleges participate annually in the Colleges Ontario KPI survey program, which entails providing a mandatory satisfaction surveys to all enrolled students. The surveys measure outcomes such as students' satisfaction with their courses, learning outcomes, facilities, and student services. Additionally, recent alumni are surveyed regarding their satisfaction as graduates and their employment status post-graduation. Finally, employers are surveyed to measure their satisfaction with the Ontario college graduates they hired. The results are then analyzed by an independent research company.

This year's results across the college sector underscored the fact that college education is an effective and swift route to employment. Eighty-three percent of Ontario college graduates found work within six months of graduation, and more than 91 percent of employers were satisfied or very satisfied with the graduates they hired.

“Colleges are experts at helping people find rewarding careers,” said Linda Franklin, the president and CEO of Colleges Ontario. “Our graduates’ professional and technical expertise will be even more important in the years ahead as new technology and automation create a heightened demand for a more highly qualified workforce.”

Full 2016 KPI results may be seen at