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Sign up to be a volunteer for the Here2Help info booths at the Ottawa campus!

August 31, 2017
Staff and faculty are encouraged to sign up for one-hour shifts at the Here2Help info booths that will be located around campus from Sept. 5 to 15. These info booths are essential to helping students feel comfortable on campus during their first weeks of school. (Please note, each booth will be staffed with two people, maximum.)
Register for your shift here (you can also review/make changes to your shift using this link).
This year, instead of T-shirts, volunteers who sign up by September 1 will be given Here2Help buttons (either in person or by inter-office mail). If you have a T-shirt from previous years, please feel free to wear it during your shift.
To best serve our students, each Here2Help info booth will be equipped with the following:
1) Resource Manuals. Each manual provides essential student FAQs (General, Registration, Financial Aid & Student Awards, U-Pass, etc.), plus important dates and deadlines, emergency information, and a notes section (intended for volunteers to record any questions that come their way that may not be featured in the manual, or suggestions for future Resource Manual content). Please note, these Manuals are to be left at the desk at the end of each shift so that they can be used by volunteers until the end of the campaign.
2) A map of the Ottawa campus. Maps are very popular during the first two weeks of term. In an effort to be more sustainable, there will be a large, laminated map attached to the top of each Here2Help desk (instead of hardcopy maps). Volunteers are welcome to write directions on these maps in erasable marker. Students are encouraged to take pictures of the map for future use and reference.
3) Paper and pens. Writing down directions, contact numbers, important dates, or websites are valuable assets that students can take with them from the Here2Help booths.
4) Granola bars to give out to students.
5) Friendly and helpful volunteers! If there is more than one volunteer at any of the information booths, please consider assisting students to their destinations (i.e. walking with them) when/if possible.
Many thanks for volunteering your time to welcome our students!