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Invitation: Innovating Through Diversity Workshop March 27

March 15, 2019
When you are looking for a new or better process or product, exchanges between employees from different backgrounds and experiences are key to igniting the kind of creativity that leads to innovation. The largest and most recent study demonstrating this reality examined the relationship between diversity of management teams and revenues generated from innovations. The findings showed that companies with higher levels of diversity get more revenue from innovations that produce new products and services. At Algonquin we focus on fostering innovation on the part of our learners and finding innovative ways to operate as an institution. Diversity and the acquisition of skills to work through our differences and create a sense of inclusion is necessary if the College is to maintain this effort. In support of this commitment, ongoing employee skills development for both innovation  & inclusion is important.
Join expert Dr. Judy Laws on March 27 for a half-day workshop on Innovating Through Diversity. This session will provide you with the opportunity  to:
  • Understand what inclusive diversity and innovation means
  • Identify the intersection between diversity and innovation
  • Explore the business case for individuals and organizations for leveraging the diversity-innovation intersection
  • Identify your preferred innovative style
  • Practice collaborating together on a challenge that requires innovative thinking
  • Develop an action plan to contribute to an innovative workplace
Please register on the PD Site for your preferred session:
  1. Morning: 8:30-12 (Breakfast 8-8:30)
  2. Afternoon: 1-4:30 (Lunch 12-12:30)